The Tools Every Startup Should Be Using

When it comes to creating a startup, there is no shortage of tools and recommendations. You’ll probably get advice from people who have been there before—either with a startup or with creating their own new business. And you’ll get advice from people who have just been in business, either with an established big company or a scrappy small one. The point is—there’s a lot of intel coming your way. But what is useful and what will really help you, and what’s just a distraction?

One thing’s for certain: If you can put existing tech tools to use in your business plan, you’ll do yourself and your customers a world of good. One of those tools, of course, is a customer relationship management platform, also known as CRM. A CRM does a lot of the good work for you to track who your customers are and what they want. This graphic explains it.

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The Tools Your Startup Should Be Using — And Why

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